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Steven Breese

Former Artistic Director of Point Park University's Pittsburgh Playhouse

“Working with Shay is energizing. She is a creative thinker/maker with the talent and skill to make bold choices – and to refine her choices with sensitivity and nuance.”


“Shay is a flexible actor—bringing a wellspring of ideas to each rehearsal.  Her actor process is well-honed and specific – she adopts/implements new ideas quickly and with integrity. Importantly, she personally invests herself in all that she does…she cares deeply about the creative process and product.”


“Shay is a serious actor yet always seems to find great joy and humor in the work. I have great respect for her creative abilities and delight in her infectious attitude. It’s a pleasure to have her in the room – she brings out the best in everyone.”

Cotter Smith

Actor and Educator 

I first met Shay two years ago as an acting student in my class at Point Park University. From the very first session, it was clear that she was not only a gifted artist, but also possessed a seriousness of purpose and a work ethic uncommon among students her age. Her appetite for the work and willingness to challenge herself was striking. During the course of our time together over the past two years, she has exhibited an unusually perceptive insight and a very mature growth. Along with these assets, her sense of humor, clear spirit and positive energy are qualities that will prove invaluable in her career.

Steven Wilson

Chicago and Pittsburgh Based Director 

"Mary Shay is a thoughtful and hard-working collaborator. In my adaptation of Shakespeare's, Much Ado About Nothing, Mary Shay was given the challenging task of playing Imogen, Hero's mother. This is a role that one does not typically see in most productions and if it is, it is often voiceless. In this production, the role was given voice and Mary Shay brought it to life in such a beautiful way. This was a first-time adaptation and Mary Shay's observances and ideas helped shaped the future of the adaptation. I made specific changes based on Mary Shay's work that directly influence future presentations of the play."

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