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Nice to Meet You

I am from the Bay Area of California, originally from San Jose before moving to San Francisco when I was 14. I feel lucky that I had the best of both worlds - the backyard play with neighbors of the suburbs as a child and the diversity and eye opening life of a city when I was coming of age.


I got into the arts by teaching myself guitar and singing when I was 11 and found theatre as a teenager. I studied at American Conservatory Theater and fell in love with acting. I landed at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and graduated in 2021 with a BFA in Acting with an Applied Music Minor. Some of my favorite roles at Point Park were Mary Bailey in It's A Wonderful Life and Imogen in Much Ado About Nothing.

I moved to New York and hit the ground running by studying at The Freeman Studio, attending One on One's Bridge Program, and taking classes with Actor's Connection. I made my NYC debut in a small one act called Witches Brew, playing a struggling writer and bartender. I am the Social Media Manager for the brand new theatre production company, Making Our Space, who are re-imagining actor showcases. 


I think that the best part of storytelling art is letting audiences feel the feelings they don’t always have the opportunity to in their everyday lives. Whether that be small moments between two people that end up, as the story goes on, become powerful, or big complicated plots that make audiences sit on the edge of their seats. I want an audience to leave having gone on an emotional journey.

I am based in New York City and am seeking representation, collaborators, and stories to tell. 

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